Enroll Your Child

As a parent, you recognize the potential of your child better than anyone. By giving them the opportunity to be part of Big Brothers Big Sisters, you’re starting them down a path to an even brighter, more promising future.


After you submit an inquiry form online, the next step in the parent/child enrollment process is to view our Parent Information Session.

To request our recorded version, please contact Elsa Rodriguez at erodriguez@bbbsaz.org 

Youth Who Have Mentors Are

  • Less likely to use illegal drugs or alcohol
  • More likely to stay in school
  • More likely to make positive choices for their future

Who Are Our Bigs?

The Bigs in our program are adult volunteers ages 18+. Big Brothers Big Sisters conducts a thorough background check on every volunteer in our mentoring programs and every match is regularly reviewed and supported by a professionally trained Program Specialist. 


Community-Based Mentoring: Your child meets up with a Big one-to-one at least two times per month for one year to do things they can enjoy when they both have the time. Exploring common interests by attending a sporting event, going for a hike, or cooking together! It's up to them. They'll be invited to exclusive match activities including sporting events, attractions, and gaming entertainment.

Child Eligibility for the Community-Based Program: Youth must be 6-15 years old to enroll. Once matched, youth can remain in our program post-high school if they are in a successful match and would like to remain active in our program.

  • Reside full time in Maricopa or Pinal County.
  • Commit to meeting with a mentor 2-4 times per month for at least one year.
  • The design of the BBBS mentoring program is one-to-one. Youth must be able to meet and communicate with their mentor and BBBS staff independently of their parent or guardian.
  • If the child comes from a family in which parents/guardians share joint custody, both parents/guardians must be in approval of the child’s enrollment.
  • Both the child and parent/guardian must be open to participating in our program and forming a relationship with the mentor.
  • Limited involvement with the legal system except those referred by the County Juvenile Court Diversion/First Offender program. No serious behavioral offenses within the last year (ex: violent behavior, sexual misconduct, setting fire or serious drug/alcohol involvement.)
  • To ensure safety for both the mentor and the child, serious behavioral or medical situations that are frequent and show a persistent pattern may make the child ineligible for the program.


Site-Based Mentoring:  Does your child attend one of our partner schools or youth centers?  If so, they can meet with a Big for one-hour per week (or at least twice a month) during their school lunch break or after school at their youth center.  Your child will meet with the same Big each week and will spend time participating in structured activities, playing games, or working on homework while building a friendship with a positive and supportive adult.

Child Eligibility for the Site-Based Program:

  • Youth must be enrolled in a grade level served by the specific school/site. To inquire about grade levels served at your school or site, please contact Debbie Smith at dsmith@bbbsaz.org.
  • Commit to meeting with a mentor at the school or site 2-4 times per month for at least one year.
  • The design of the BBBS mentoring program is one-to-one. Youth must be able to meet and communicate with their mentor and BBBS staff independently of their parent/guardian or site staff.
  • The child must be open to participating in our program and forming a relationship with the mentor.
  • To ensure safety for both the mentor and the child, serious behavioral or medical situations that are frequent and show a persistent pattern may make the child ineligible for the program.


Boys & Girls Club - Colangelo Branch (Group Mentoring)
Cross-Streets: On 34th Ave, just North of McDowell Rd
(MEETS 1st & 3rd Monday between 4:00-5:00 PM)  

Emerson Elementary
Cross-Streets:  Alma School & University
(MEETS Tuesdays & lunch times vary between 11 AM-1 PM)

Esperanza Elementary
Cross-Streets: Loop 101 & 7th St

ICAN Youth Center
Cross-Streets:  Arizona Ave & Pecos
(MEETS every other Wednesday from 4:30-5:30 PM)

Lowell Elementary School
Cross-Streets:  3rd Ave & Buckeye
(MEETS Tuesdays & lunch times vary between 11:30 AM-1 PM)

Maie Bartlett Heard Elementary School  
Cross-Streets:  Thomas & I-17
(MEETS Tuesdays & lunch times vary between 10:30 AM-1 PM)

Loma Linda Elementary
Cross-Streets: 20th St. & Osborn
(MEETS Mondays between 11 AM -1 PM)

North Tempe Multi-generational Center (Group Mentoring)
Cross-Streets:  Near Scottsdale Rd & McKellips
(MEETS 1st & 3rd Thursday between 4:00-5:00 PM)  

one•n•ten LGBTQ Youth Center
Cross-Streets:  Central Ave and Portland
(MEETS every other Saturday from 11 AM-1 PM

Sacaton Boys & Girls Club
Cross-Streets:  Seedfarm & Cholla Ave
(MEETS every other Wednesday from 4:30 PM-5:30 PM)

San Marcos Elementary
Cross-Streets:  Frye & Arizona Ave
(MEETS Thursdays & lunch times vary between 11 AM-1 PM)

Scales Technology Academy
Cross-Streets:  5th St & Hardy
(MEETS Thursdays & lunch times vary between 11 AM-1 PM)

Families as Partners

When it comes to the future of our children and the well-being of our communities, we're all in this together. So it should come as no surprise that we need the parents and guardians of Littles to be involved every step of the way, starting with the initial match. Not only will you provide information about your child's strengths and needs, but you'll also approve the selection of the Big Brother or Big Sister. Once the match is made, you remain closely involved in many ways, including: 

  • Approving activities and outings for your child and their Big 
  • Asking your child questions about those outings, and sharing what you learn with the agency staff 
  • Reporting your child's progress and milestones to the agency on a regular basis (Big Brothers Big Sisters will contact you, but we welcome your feedback any time)
  • Participating in training on child safety offered by Big Brothers Big Sisters staff, and communicating with your child about the training he or she receives

Little Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters is currently enrolling girls ages 6-15 throughout the valley. There are Big Sisters ready to volunteer and be a friend and role model to your daughter, granddaughter or niece. Do you know a child who could benefit from our program? If so, have their parents or guardian call us to enroll today: 602-264-9254 or click on the enrollment link above. 

Child safety

Making the best possible match between Little and Big is critical to the growth and development of a child. But before we begin the matching process, we start by thoroughly screening potential Bigs. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters National Standards of Excellence require each volunteer to complete an extensive screening process that includes: 

  • Complete of a formal written application
  • Background and reference checks which include: Social Security Address/Alias Trace, Arizona Statewide Criminal Search, Maricopa County/Arizona Warrant Search, Out-of-State County Criminal Search, USA Criminal Search, USA Offender Search, and Motor Vehicle Driving Record
  • An in-person interview
  • An orientation and training process that outlines the individualized needs of your child and provides information and resources on how to encourage your child's development

Big Brothers Big Sisters also provides child safety tips to you and your child, and we welcome your questions and feedback. Throughout the life of the match, our professional staff will be in ongoing communication with you, your child, and your child's Big. It's the best way to build a strong relationship that will have the greatest impact on your child's future success. 

Additionally, we ensure that all volunteers go through pre-match training which is a comprehensive training on being a "Big", developmental stages of childhood and adolescence, recognizing child abuse, scenarios that might encounter with their "Little" and the agency's role in support the Match. 

All of our staff send regular updates to their matches on training that they find in the community that is pertinent to our matches.  

Through each support contact we make, we ensure that the child is safe and comfortable with their "Big". Our role is to help everyone navigate through the match relationship in a positive, safe way. 

Furthermore, we offer information and resources on cyberbullying, school motivation, developmental stages of youth, and a volunteer handbook on child safety. 

You'll Feel the Impact as much as your child

A study for Big Brothers Big Sisters found that kids matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister: 

  • are more confident
  • are more likely to steer clear of drugs and alcohol
  • do better in school 
  • get along with their family and friends
  • feel better about themselves*

*Tierney, J.P., Grossman, J.B., and Resch, N.L.(1995) Making a Difference: An Impact Study of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Philadelphia: Public/Private Ventures


For more information about our youth mentoring programs, please contact Elsa Rodriguez at erodriguez@bbbsaz.org.

All BBBS participants, including youth, families, volunteers, board and staff serving as volunteer Bigs are not excluded on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, color, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, citizenship status, veteran status or disability.