Changing Lives for the Better, Forever

Looking to get involved? Whether you’re interested in donating, volunteering or enrolling your child, Big Brothers Big Sisters offers several types of programs in communities across the country.

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Big Meets Little

Big Brothers Big Sisters targets the children who need us most, including those living in single parent homes, growing up in poverty and coping with parental incarceration in Central Arizona. Starting something begins with finding a great match between a Big (a volunteer and mentor) and a Little. Making these matches, and performing all the background work involved with them, is possible because of donations from people like you. It's also why we're able to offer a variety of programs that pair children, ages 6 to 18, with role models in one-to-one relationships. 


How a Big becomes a Big and a Little, a Little

Before we make a match, we do our homework. After someone expresses an interested in becoming a Big, they go through an extensive background check and careful interview process. Then we match Bigs and Littles based on location, personalities, and preferences. And we provide full support from the start so matches can grow into lasting, fruitful friendships. It's also important to note that the entire matching process is made possible through donations-we can't do what we do best without them!


What's a Big and Little to do? 

Each match is unique. Getting together doesn't require a special occasion or expensive activity - just a few hours every month doing things the Little and Big already enjoy. For example: 

  • Playing catch
  • Reading books
  • Getting ice cream 
  • Going to a museum
  • Attending a sporting event
  • Going to the movies

For more information about all of our programs, contact Devin Del Palacio, Director of Community Outreach, at or 602-510.4326.


Volunteer Opportunities that Fit Your Schedule

Community-Based Mentoring: Meet up with your Little at least two times per month for one year to do things you enjoy when you both have the time. Explore your common interests by attending a sporting event, going for a hike, or cooking together! It's up to you and your Little. You'll be invited to exclusive match activities including sporting events, attractions, and gaming entertainment. 

Site-Based Mentoring: Visit one of our partner sites to meet your Little for one hour per week (or at least 2 times per month) during their lunch break or after school. You will meet with the same child each week and can spend time eating lunch, participating in structured activities, playing games, working on homework, or hanging out on the playground.


Special Programs

Native American Mentoring

The Future Inspired Native American Leaders Mentoring Program is a partnership with Phoenix Indian Center. Native American High School youth are matched with adult volunteers and have additional opportunities to participate in cultural and college/career readiness activities together! Site-based programs at Emerson Elementary School and at the Boys & Girls Clubs in Sacaton match high school students with elementary school students in one-to-one mentoring relationships and they participate, along with other matches, in educational, cultural and social activities that help them build a stronger relationship with each other and with their community. 

Big Futures

Big Brothers Big Sisters is excited to announce its supplemental college and career readiness component titled Big Futures SUCCESS. (Students Understanding College and Careers through Education, Skills, and Support). BF SUCCESS is a college and career readiness component offered to all matched youth who are in the 11th and 12th grade. With active goal mapping and intentional participation in workshops/activities/training, BF SUCCESS participants have access to 1:1 guidance from the Big Futures Program Specialist, as well as are eligible to apply for the Big Futures Scholarship and any established BF Internships. Extended support is offered during a pivotal transition period, for the year following high-school graduation, whether it being workforce or college.

What does BBBS offer to Big Future SUCCESS Matches?

Career Milestones: professional opportunities, career
Academic Milestones: academic awareness and resources
Life Milestones: financial fitness, well-being preparedness, and volunteer opportunities

  • Study Skills/Test Taking Strategies
  • SAT Diagnostic help
  • Resume Writing
  • Interview Skills/Practice
  • Leadership Skills/Practice
  • College/Career/Military Presentations
  • College Preparation classes
  • Financial Literacy
  • ScholarTrack/FAFSA assistance nights
  • Cohort Match Activities
  • Mentor Training
  • Family Nights
  • Regular Communication
  • Quarterly Support Contacts
  • Increased Communication based on need (Call/Text/Email)
  • Big Futures Facebook for upcoming events, resources, and future-focused activities
  • Continued support and coaching through the first year post-high school
  • Access to Big Futures Scholarships
  • Access to Big Futures Internship Placement

To learn more about volunteering in one of these programs, please visit our Volunteer page.

To learn about our programs for your child, please visit our Enroll a Child page.