2024 BBBS Match Graduation

On June 6th, at the BBBS office, we hosted our 9th annual graduation celebration for our matches. This lively and joyful event featured balloons, delicious tacos, a photo booth, desserts, and refreshing agua frescas. 

The evening began with Littles, their parents, and volunteers mingling in the Devin Booker courtyard, enjoying tacos prepared by Rigoberto for the second year in a row. Participants then moved inside to the Thunderbird Charities event space, where they shared and wrote down their favorite memories. They indulged in desserts, posed at the photo booth, and admired photographs taken over the years. 

As the night progressed, each match shared their individual story, expressing gratitude to those who supported them. Some matches celebrated remarkable 12-year friendships. Littles, now turned Bigs, came full circle, embodying the spirit of mentorship they once received. Many attendees expressed appreciation for the years spent in the program and, most importantly, for the relationships they had built. These bonds, forged through shared experiences, mentorship, and mutual growth, were celebrated and cherished. This celebration marked a significant moment in their BBBS journey. 

The event always serves a dual purpose: celebrating Littles graduating high school, marking a significant academic milestone, and honoring the enduring friendships that have blossomed over the years. While graduations often signify a conclusion, at the BBBS graduation, it felt more like a beginning. It was a celebration of new opportunities, marking the start of the next chapter for our graduates, filled with endless possibilities. 

In essence, the 9th annual graduation celebration was a night of reflection, appreciation, and hope for the future. It highlighted the profound impact of the BBBS program on both Bigs and Littles, celebrating milestones reached and looking forward to many more to come. 

As an agency, we are committed to expanding our Alumni network, fostering a sense of community, and ongoing support. The bonds formed through BBBS extend far beyond the years spent in the program, creating a network of alumni who continue to inspire and support each other.  

Looking ahead, we warmly encourage all those who have been part of the BBBS program or have been impacted by it to join our Alumni network. By connecting with our community, you can continue to share your experiences, offer support, and inspire the next generation of Bigs and Littles. Stay involved by joining our social media alumni pages (Facebook & LinkedIn), where you can keep up with news, events, and the incredible stories of fellow alumni. Your journey with BBBS doesn’t end here—let’s continue to make a difference together. 

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