BBBS Match Success Stories

Matching Littles in the community with a positive adult Big is one of the many successes here at BBBSAZ.  Today we’re sharing with you the success stories of our Bigs and their Littles. 

Little Brother Parker wanted a Big Brother who would be a good friend. Parker’s mother enrolled him into the BBBS program to find Parker a mentor who could introduce him to fun outdoor activities. Christopher got involved with the BBBS program because he felt that he could make a great positive impact on youth in the community. In December 2020, Little Brother Parker and Big Brother Christopher were matched. Some of the outings Parker and Christopher enjoy are working on trains, walking dogs, attending BBBS events, and playing golf together. When the pair hangs out together, they have a great time talking and laughing a lot. Parker and Christopher also work on their shared goal of finding enjoyable activities in the community that promote mental wellness and physical wellness. 

Gavin’s mother enrolled him into the BBBS program because she wanted him to have a positive role model who would also be a consistent adult figure in his life. Gavin’s mother also wanted him to have a mentor with whom he could build a healthy friendship with and a mentor to encourage Gavin to explore new activities. Andrew became a Big Brother because he believes in the importance of mentorship. In April 2016, Little Brother Gavin and Big Brother Andrew were matched. Some of the match outings Gavin and Andrew enjoy are going to the movies, riding bikes, and building Legos together. The pair also enjoy working together on Gavin’s homework. Gavin and Andrew have created their own match tradition and always enjoy their yearly celebration together at one of their favorite restaurants. Andrew also helps Gavin with his goal of planning for the future. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can become a mentor with Big Brothers Bigs Sisters of Central Arizona, please visit our website or email our Director of Programs- Enrollment and Matching, Andrea Petrof, at 

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