BBBS Success Stories 

For many, a mentor is someone who has changed your life; a mentor is someone you can trust; and a mentor is someone who provides you with guidance. These are but a few of the many great qualities in a mentor. Today we’d like to share with you the success stories of our matches (Bigs and Littles). 

Aziylah’s mother enrolled her into the BBBS program because she wanted Aziylah to have another positive adult figure in her life. Michele became a Big Sister because she wanted to be a positive role model for youth in the community. In March 2019, Little Sister Aziylah and Big Sister Michele were matched. The pair enjoys spending time going to BBBS events, bowling, watching movies, and eating out together. Aziylah and Michele also value their deep conversations about life and discussing Aziylah’s future aspirations. One of the more creative match outgoings Aziylah and Michele went to was when they created fiberglass art together. This match outing allowed Aziylah and Michele to both express themselves artistically, which made for a really fun day. Michele also shows her support by attending Aziylah dance performances, and the two work on a shared goal of exploring fun educational community activities together. 

Tenaya’s parents enrolled her into the BBBS program because they wanted her to spend quality time with a positive adult mentor outside of the family. Stephanie became a Big Sister because she wanted to give back by helping youth in the community. In October 2019, Little Sister Tenaya and Big Sister Stephanie were matched. The pair enjoys going out to eat, spending time outside hiking, going to the mall, and going to the movies. Both Tenaya and Stephanie look forward to experiencing new things together during their match outings. Since being matched, Stephanie and Tenaya have created a wonderful friendship. Stephanie shows her support for Tenaya by being a consistent positive adult influence in her life. Stephanie also helps Tenaya with her goal of discovering future career opportunities. 

To learn more about how you can become a mentor with Big Brothers Bigs Sisters of Central Arizona, please visit our website or email our Director of Programs- Enrollment and Matching, Andrea Petrof, at 

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