Mentor Circle, the BBBSAZ Monthly Giving Program 

It takes Little to be Big, which is why joining the BBBSAZ monthly giving program is such an easy way to make a BIG impact. The monthly giving program, Mentor Circle, gives you the unique opportunity to contribute to BBBSAZ every single month and continually help our matches thrive. Sign up once and know that every month you are igniting potential each day.  

Joining Mentor Circle is a powerful commitment with a long-lasting impact. You are becoming a vital part of our mission. Firstly, your regular donations provide stability, enabling BBBSAZ to better plan and execute sustainable programs for our Littles.  

Monthly giving is convenient and budget-friendly, allowing you to contribute meaningfully without straining your finances. Even a modest recurring donation accumulates into a substantial contribution over time, amplifying your impact on the lives of the youth in our community. 

One of the many benefits of monthly giving is that your gifts qualify for the Arizona State Charitable Tax Credit. Up to $421 for individuals and $821 for couples filing jointly. For more information about the Arizona State Charitable Tax Credit, click here. Furthermore, Bigs who join Mentor Circle get first access to tickets and events in the community and matching BBBSAZ shirts for them and their Littles.  

With your monthly commitment, you invest in the future generation, empowering them with resources, education, and opportunities they might not otherwise have access to. You become an advocate for positive change, promoting youth development, empowerment, and mentorship. Your financial support helps us provide our programs and services in your local community—so we can develop more college graduates, community leaders, and entrepreneurs. Your financial support helps us recruit new Big Brother and Big Sister volunteers, cover the costs of background checks, enable ongoing support for every Big, Little, and the Little’s family, and provide activities to enrich the opportunities for children.  

Ultimately, joining Mentor Circle is more than just a financial commitment; it’s a commitment to building a brighter future for the generations to come. To learn more about Mentor Circle, click here. For any other questions, please email  

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