Make a Difference Today! 

It takes Little to be Big, which is why the simple act of making your Arizona State Charitable Tax Credit Gift can change the lives of youth in your community! By donating to BBBSAZ, you can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona state taxes, up to $421 per individual and up to $821 for couples filing jointly. This means your donation will go directly to our mission and begin helping our youth the same day! Curious about what your tax gift will support? Here are 10 ways BBBSAZ will benefit from your donation:  

  1. Many of our recruitment events we attend throughout the community cost a participation fee. The money raised will directly benefit recruitment efforts to find and match more Bigs with our waiting littles. 
  1. Host events for our matches! We host a variety of events throughout the year for our Bigs and Littles to attend. We have hosted previous events throughout the valley at a variety of places, like the Phoenix Zoo.  
  1. Provide ongoing support and services to all of the youth in our programs.  
  1. Purchase new supplies for our site-based mentoring programs. Each week, our program specialists bring supplies to have a fun activity on-site for all of our matches. Activities like vision board collaging, holiday crafts, or making cards.  
  1. Support ongoing marketing efforts to help us continue to share our mission with the community to find new Littles and Bigs!  
  1. Support the development of and expansion of our mentoring programs, both in the community and at our sites.  
  1. Continue to provide training to our new Bigs and staff. Many of our Bigs and staff take a variety of training to continue to be able to support our Littles.  
  1. Continue to fund the collection of data and impact measurement efforts to assess the overall impact that our programs have on our youth.  
  1. Provide ongoing monthly support to our matches through phone calls, emails, and text messages.  
  1. Support initiatives aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within BBBSAZ.  

These are just a few ways your tax dollars can make a BIG impact on the youth in our programs. Questions? Email Noelle at Ready to make a difference today? Donate Now!

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