Make the Gift of Mentorship

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona understands there are many ways to give, and we want to make the donation process easy for you.  Below, we have included some information about various options as you consider what is best for you and your household.

Tax Credit Gifts

Gifts made to BBBSAZ are eligible for the Arizona State Charitable Tax Credit, up to $421 for individuals or $842 for couples filing jointly. This allows you to redirect your tax dollars to an organization and cause that matters to you and your family. This option is truly a Win-Win!

Fortunately, you can receive a credit for donating to BBBSAZ even if you have already claimed the private or public school credits, AND there is no need to itemize to claim these credits.

Ready to make your Tax Credit Gift Today?

Individuals 70 ½ years of age or older may consider an IRA distribution to BBBSAZ. Although there are some limitations, payments from your IRA also provide significant tax benefits.

To make a charitable IRA rollover transfer, contact your IRA administrator to initiate a transfer to BBBSAZ. If you have questions about this type of gift please contact Jessica Whitney, VP of Development and Marketing at

Cryptocurrency Gifts and Stock Transfers

Individuals can donate directly through BBBSAZ’s cryptocurrency platform.  When donating cryptocurrency, capital gains tax is not owed on the appreciated amount and can be deducted from your taxes, making it a non-taxable event.  Additional tax benefits may be available from donating cryptocurrency instead of selling it. (As always, please consult with your tax professional.)  

Stock donations can also be made directly to BBBSAZ. Please contact Jessica Whitney, VP of Development and Marketing to discuss a transfer at

The BBBSAZ policy for both crypto and stocks is to liquidate the assets immediately upon receipt to ensure market fluctuations do not drastically change the impact of your gifts and donations. 

No matter how you choose to give, you can trust that Big Brothers Big Sisters will use the funds to support as many youths as possible. With the support of positive adult mentors and community supporters like YOU, we will unlock more potential!  Our research shows that children who participate in BBBS programs are less likely to use drugs, do better in school, and get along better with their families. 

Make your Year-End gift now! 

*Always consult with your tax professional on the impact a credit will have on your personal tax liability. More information can be found on the Arizona Department of Revenue website.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization | QCO Code: 20332

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