BBBS Success Stories

How do you define a mentor? Is a mentor someone who makes a positive difference in your life? Is a mentor someone you can rely on? Or is a mentor someone who offers advice? For many, a mentor encompasses all of these qualities and more. Today we’ll get to know more about three different mentors (Bigs), their mentees (Littles), and the success stories of these matches.

Rydder’s mother enrolled him in the BBBS program because she wanted him to have a supportive mentor; a mentor who would also be a listening ear and be there for Rydder. Manuel became a Big Brother because he enjoyed being involved with the BBBS program. In October 2021, Little Brother Rydder and Big Brother Manuel were matched. The pair likes to spend time painting pottery (at places like As You Wish), eating at different restaurants, and building Legos together. Rydder and Manuel have truly built a strong friendship with one another and together they share a common goal of discovering fun community activities.

Rhianna’s mother enrolled her in the BBBS program because she wanted Rhianna to have a positive mentor influence with whom she could also confide in. Big Sister Ivy had heard about BBBS and became Big because she wanted to get more involved with the youth in the community. In June 2021, Little Sister Rhianna and Big Sister Ivy were matched. The pair enjoy spending time going indoor rock climbing, getting Boba, playing chess, and playing cards. Throughout these several months, Ivy and Rhianna have created a strong friendship and together they work towards a common goal to explore fun educational interests.

Haile’s mother enrolled her in the BBBS program because she wanted her to have a positive mentor outside of the home with whom Haile could also confide in. Melanie became a Big Sister because she wanted to help support youth in the community. In October 2021, Little Sister Haile and Big Sister Melanie were matched. The pair enjoy painting, hiking, and volunteering at a pet shelter. Last year, Haile and Melanie celebrated their match anniversary by learning about all things surrounding science. Haile and Melanie share a common goal to open up with one another more and they both look forward to the time they are able to spend together.

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