It’s More Than A Gift, It’s Unlocking Potential

More than a gift

The Match between Big Brother Nick and Little Brother Shawn (SJ) embodies the power of mentoring and shows the ripple effect that a positive role model can have on their Little, their Little’s family, and even on the generations to come. It’s more than mentorship, it’s empowerment. Matches like SJ and Nick have been made possible through our supporters like YOU!

After struggling with math and his overall self-esteem, SJ’s mother felt he needed a male role model who could help him focus in on his academics while also giving him the one-to-one attention he so deeply needed. She turned to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona (BBBSAZ) because her older son Temitayo had been in a successful and life-changing Match with Big Brother Nick for nine years. Without hesitation, Nick stepped in immediately to mentor SJ as well. It’s more than a role model, it’s generational change. 

Their relationship started with an emphasis on improving grades and confidence and eventually turned into a trusted friendship where Little Brother SJ got the opportunity to learn new sports like racquetball and bowling, as well as life lessons like humility and respect for others. Your support can help unlock potential and provides valuable life lessons for thousands of Littles just like SJ. 

Will you please make a gift today?

Nick was able to reflect on both Matches he’s had within one family. “As a mentor, I aspire to help a child see more than they are seeing around them in their regular environment.” With your generous donation, more mentors can set out to expand their Little’s horizons, teach them things they might not know otherwise, and show them the endless possibilities for their futures.

Every donation is more than a gift, it’s unlocking potential for the youth we support and serve. We need your support to make our programs accessible to those children who need us the most and to continue offering our programs at no cost to our Littles and their families. 

Stories like Nick and SJ’s are possible through your ongoing support and by making a tax credit-eligible gift to BBBSAZ today. Your donation will be used for things like recruiting and screening quality volunteers, ongoing support of staff for all Matches, and wrap-around resources available to all Littles and their families. It’s more than a gift, it’s transforming society through mentorship.

Please make your gift today by visiting or text Give22 to 269-89.

THANK YOU for your consideration. We are grateful to include you as part of the BBBSAZ community!P.S. Big Brothers Big Sisters is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Individual gifts made to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona are eligible for an Arizona Tax credit of up to $400 for an individual or $800 for a couple filing jointly.

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