Meet Big Sister Susie and Little Sister Jocelyn

In 2014, Big Sister Susie met her Little Sister Jocelyn. At the time Jocelyn was just 8 years old. She was quiet in her initial interview and shy when first meeting Susie. A little at a time, with consistency and support from her Big Sister, Jocelyn began to open up. She was talking and laughing with Susie. She began to thrive socially and her confidence soared. 

Over the years Susie and Jocelyn have really experienced life together. They’ve been on every ride at Castles and Coasters, and they’ve tried out the paddle boats at Tempe Town Lake. They loved attending cultural events and traveling together. They’ve volunteered together at Feed my Starving Children and the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary among other organizations. Susie has tried to keep Jocelyn active and help her to expand her horizons.

Susie is very committed to Jocelyn and has become really close to her family as well. The pair often attended family dinners together. Jocelyn’s parents are so grateful for Susie and host dinners for her and her mom, who is also really close to Jocelyn and the family. Susie has always wanted the best for her Little Sister and while exposing her to new things is an important part of the Match she also encourages Jocelyn to do well in school. Jocelyn is currently a freshman and with Susie’s support is focused on getting good grades and preparing for college.

As the years have passed, their relationship has only grown stronger. Just last month Susie had the honor of attending Jocelyn’s Quinceañera. 

Susie reflected, “I was given the gift by her family of being a Madrina and buying and presenting Jocelyn with her first pair of heels during the ceremony. During the evening photos of Jocelyn throughout her life were projected on a wall, and a handful of them were of adventures Jocelyn and I shared together. We are still going strong and I won’t leave her side as long as she allows me to be part of her life. Her family and mine share meals and parties together often, and my family loves Jocelyn as one of our own.

Do you know a girl (6-17 years of age) who could use a Big Sister like Susie? Someone to help her build confidence? Someone to encourage her to work hard in school? Someone additional to share in the important milestones? Learn more about enrolling a child HERE.

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