Celebrating Gratitude!

We have a lot to be grateful for this year! To see where we are today compared to where we were this time last year, it is incredible to think about how much progress has been made. As we move into the holiday season, we wanted to share the following messages of gratitude with you. Thank you to our Littles, their families, our Bigs, Board members, volunteers, staff, and community supporters for making this one of our best years ever.  

We are so blessed to have been matched with him. The perfect BIG.” – Little Brother’s Mom, Mary

I am grateful for being a part of BBBS because no matter who you are, most people can easily tie some of their defining moments in life back to a strong mentoring relationship. We provide that mentor for kids who need one and I am proud to be a part of it.” – Susan Wiltfong, Director of Grants Administration

Mentoring children is one of the best ways to invest in your future.  They will be our future teachers, doctors, parents and neighbors.” – Ed Stokes, Sr. Program Specialist

I’m grateful for our work this year because I see the positive difference we’re making in the community.” – Holly Erickson, Development & Marketing Assistant

I am grateful for the work I do because I get to see firsthand the impact our mentors have in our lives. This year we participated in the Phoenix pride festival for the 1st time. And we got to show the community we are here to support each other. Visibility is important.” – Eva Siler, Program Specialist, LGBTQ Initiative

Grateful for the opportunity to help provide Littles with a Big who will be that positive force in their young lives by spending quality time with them and having fun in the process. Maybe even learn a thing or two!” Carrie Emmons, Big Futures Program Specialist

I love my Bigs like family. They made my life happier” – Little Brother Theo

I am forever grateful to work for an organization that was able to pivot the work we do to still help the kids in our community. The pandemic shut down most of the world, but we found a way to continue to serve the youth in a time in which they needed it most.” – Andrea Petrof, Director of Community Based Mentoring

During this holiday season, it is even more rewarding knowing our programs and team are serving not only our community’s youth but in many cases their entire families!” TJ Shull, Development Manager
I am grateful for the BBBS team as they go above and beyond to help the youth in our community see the potential in themselves.” – Brian Wempen, Board Member

“Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your agency. We are very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful program.” – Little Sisters’ Mom, Susan

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with an incredible team who is dedicated to connecting our Littles with Bigs and helping parents/guardians obtain support services and training to strengthen their families. I’m especially proud of the resilience that our BBBS families have demonstrated amidst the challenges brought on by the pandemic.” Kerri Kaczmarczyk, Director of Community Based Engagement

I am grateful to be able to connect so many amazing people with our mission. It is amazing how resilient our community is when faced with adversity.” – Adrian Jamieson, Director of Development

I would like to tell Keith that he means a lot to me and I’m glad he is in my life” – Little Brother Tyler

I am thankful for our community supporters because their incredible generosity has enabled us to create new programs, develop innovative services, and grow our capacity so we can serve more children in need.” – Jared Byrd, Director of Community Outreach

I am so grateful to work for an organization that really makes a difference in our community. I love to share our mission and enjoy working to find unique engagement opportunities for each individual to help them meet their philanthropic goals.” – Jessica Whitney, VP of Marketing & Development

All I can say is that Lindsay has been a blessing in my daughter’s life.” – Little Sisters’ Mom,  Charmayne

I am grateful to be able to serve our Little’s again in our site-based setting.  All last year our site-based programs were on hold and it has been wonderful to see them reopen and the smiles on the Little’s faces when they see their Big at school!!” – Debbie Smith, Director of Special Programs

I am grateful to work with such an amazing team. I love seeing and hearing about the impact that we make on the lives of kids in our community.” -Aimee Johnson, Events Manager

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