Match Story: Lynn & Keira

It’s hard to tell from the smile on her face, but not too long ago Little Sister Keira was shy and reserved. Unsure if she could trust her new Big Sister, Lynn. In the beginning, Keira said very little and showed almost no emotion on their outings. Lynn realized she had to let the shy 12 year old come to her.
Keira didn’t have much time to be a little girl. The oldest of 3 girls living with their single father, she often had to help get her sisters up and ready for school, get them home after, and help with snacks and meals as her father recovered from an accident. Lynn didn’t mind though. She waited, letting the silence -once uncomfortable- fill in the gaps. On occasion Lynn would ask her about school, what she liked and didn’t like. Simple things to build their relationship. Slowly, Keira answered and began to let her guard down.

One of their biggest breakthroughs came with the help of Scotty, a performance Stallion owned by Lynn’s friend. On their first outing, Keira learned how to brush Scotty and clean his shoes. She even took him for a walk. After, Keira confided in Lynn that she felt so relaxed around him. Scotty is now in their rotation of regular visits, and it’s something Keira continues to look forward to.

On their 6 month anniversary, Keira gifted Lynn with a handmade gift, further growing her trust in her Big. Lynn is excited for the future. “I will continue to be her cheerleader. I want her to know that she can do anything she puts her mind to and there is no limit to what she can achieve. I want her to believe in herself the way I do and know I will be there for her as she continues her journey into adulthood.”

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