January is National Mentoring Month. What if this year, instead of standing at our desks, we promised to stand up for youth in our community? Or if we thought not just about changing our careers, but changing lives? Because when you become a Big Brother or Big Sister, you won't just change your Little's life, you'll change your own. So go ahead, don't just take the stairs more often, decide to step up!

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Spread the word so that even more Littles can get a Big on their side. Tag 2 friends on social media, and share why you think they have what it takes to make #TheBigResolution. Ask them to tag 2 of their own friends to keep the game going. #YouPlusTwo

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YOU+2 is a special recruitment campaign that seeks to find new Big Brothers for the nearly 300 Little Brothers who are waiting to be matched. Despite the 1,542 matches that BBBSAZ successfully completed last year, it still takes an average of 1-2 years for a Little Brother to be matched.

Our YOU+2 campaign strives to change that. YOU+2 will sign up 100 volunteers who not only commit to becoming Bigs but commit to challenging two of their friends to become Bigs, too. 100 volunteers and 200 of their friends give us the 300 matches we need to reduce our current waitlist to zero.

Stand with us, sign up today!


You don’t have to look too hard to see what we see. Boys in Central Arizona are in need of positive male role models now more than ever. Each red dot on this map is a boy, age 6 to 14, who is ready to be matched to a Big Brother. Because fewer men volunteer to become Bigs compared to the number of boys who enroll, some of these boys are waiting a year to be matched to an adult mentor. 

If you live in one of these areas and are interested in becoming a Big Brother, or if you know someone who you think would make a great mentor, please visit our volunteer page to learn how you can change your life, and the life of a child. If you'd like to volunteer with your significant other or family members, ask us about our couple match and family match programs. This is what YOU+2 is all about and we’re leading the charge to recruit Big Brothers for our waiting Littles! 


Share your stories on FB, IG and TW, tag @bbbsaz and use #TheBigResolution #YouPlusTwo

January 4: I Am A Mentor Day: Share your photos, videos and stories about why you decided to become a Big Brother or Big Sister

January 17: International Mentoring Day: Join the worldwide conversation about the power of mentoring

January 21: MLK Day of Service: Share photos, videos and stories about volunteering with your Little to build a stronger community

January 31: #ThankYourMentorDay: Share photos, videos and stories about how your mentor helped you realize your potential


If you'd like us to visit your company, networking group, community group or professional organization to talk about mentoring, please contact us at volunteers@bbbsaz.org.