January is National Mentoring Month

National Mentoring Month

As a new year begins, it’s time. Time to make an impact like never before. Time to help kids in our community achieve their best possible futures. And time to help children who are still without mentors of their own.

Every January, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona takes the time to celebrate National Mentoring Month and to recognize the volunteers (Bigs) who are actively working to positively impact children’s lives in our community. We are so grateful for their support. It’s their week-to-week commitment to their Littles that helps our kids have greater opportunities in life. Their involvement is central to our mission and we couldn’t do what we do without them.

National Mentoring Month

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona exists to help young people achieve lasting success in life. We do this by matching children ages 6 and older with caring adult mentors who provide support and encouragement to each child.

Our proven model yields BIG results. Kids enrolled in our program do better in school, get along better with friends and family, and are more likely to steer clear of drugs and alcohol. The beginning of a new year is the right time to remind ourselves of the power of mentoring and its positive impact on the community.

National Mentor Month is about coming together to fulfill our goal of pairing every youth on our waiting list with a mentor.  Currently, we have a great need for more male volunteers. Over 80% of the kids who are currently waiting for mentors are boys, and we need more men to match them with. Male mentors are essential to helping boys achieve a positive sense of their own strengths and identities.

And, as powerful as mentoring is for kids, it makes an enormous impact on mentors as well.

“My volunteer efforts have put me in new rooms to develop and grow as a person, both professionally and personally. I’ve learned a lot about myself through engaging with my Little, other Bigs, and Staff. Of course, the match relationship is awesome to help create all of this,” said Big Brother Geoffrey. “Me and my guy are legit friends at this point in my eyes and he’s helped me to be a better friend.” 

“I feel you can learn a lot from people who are different from yourself, and this can bring more kindness to the world,” said Big Sister Wendy. “I want to make a change in a young person’s life.”

“Being a Big allows me to be both mentor and teacher while also being mentored and to learn from my Little,” said Big Brother Buenrostro. “It is a two-way street in which I only have to show up, be present, and be myself and in return, I make a difference in the life of a child while also learning about life from them.  We are building these connections together and it is deeply rewarding but also incredibly fun!”

A new year. A time for meaningful change. And new opportunities to make an even bigger difference.

Thank you to all our current and former Big Brothers and Sisters. We appreciate your commitment to the children and families in our community. And we look forward to welcoming others who would like to help children develop their potential by becoming mentors as well. #JoinTheVillage #NationalMentoringMonth

National mentoring month

Not ready to be a Big? That’s okay…help us find, match, and grow mentors instead.

Starting with as little as $10/month, you can support a mentoring match throughout the year by joining our Mentor Circle monthly giving program.

This makes a BIG IMPACT. Monthly support provides ongoing coaching to Bigs, Littles, and their families on important topics like child safety and cultural competency.

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