Calling all Content Creators!!

Is your Little interested in joining our TikTok Launch Team?? We are launching a TikTok account used specifically to help us recruit more Littles. We would like to pilot this with current Littles (aged 13+) who can help us highlight why being a Little in our program is AWESOME! Can you and your Little help?? All matches that participate will get 2 FREE movie tickets! 

In order to keep our Littles safe and our content positive, we have created a list of simple guidelines to follow. Our account will also utilize enhanced Privacy features so that videos will not be able to be downloaded. 

Guidelines for Matches/Little Participants:

  • Age requirement: Participating Littles must be 13 years or older
  • BBBS needs to have a parent/guardian release for social media on file
  • Please don’t include any personal information (i.e. phone number, address, etc.) in your video(s)
  • Please use appropriate and positive content only
    • Videos can be of just the Little or the Little with their Big
    • Videos can utilize appropriate photos of the Little on their own or with their Big
    • Please be aware of your surroundings (i.e. utilize an appropriate background/backdrop)
    • Please refrain from offensive language or gestures
  • Please use appropriate music
    • no swear words or bad language (even if it is utilized in a current trend!!)
  • Appropriate clothing/attire
    • If you have a Big Brothers Big Sisters shirt, please feel free to sport it
  • BBBSAZ reserves the right to remove content from our page at any point
  • Please remember to be yourself, get creative and have fun!

To re-iterate the most important thing is to HAVE FUN!! Show us what BBBS is all about. Best practice is to use one of the trending (family-appropriate) songs for your background. All posts should include the following tags IN ADDITION to the tags that make sense for your content: #fyp #foryourpage #bbbsaz #LittleSistersNeeded. 

We are happy to provide content ideas or you can create on your own using your match style!!

Please see our TikTok for the first few ideas:

Interested?? Email Jessica Whitney, VP of Development and Marketing to get started!

***Guidelines created from research by BBBS staff. Resource material available upon request.

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