BBBSAZ Launches Partnership with Voyce Threads

Recently BBBSAZ launched a new partnership with Voyce Threads, a lifestyle brand that brings awareness to important causes by creating one-of-a-kind mismatched socks that tell the inspiring story of those who make our world a better place. Check out our interview below with Voyce Threads Founder and CEO, Drew Shaw.

Tell us how you came up with the idea for Voyce Threads?

The idea came from a children’s book, “Rosewood Circle: The First Day.” In it, the main character wears mismatched socks. I was going to create a line of kids’ socks that aligned with the book, but as I began to learn about social impact ventures through a program called Seed Spot, it completely changed the trajectory of my initial idea. After a year of cultivating this refined idea, Voyce Threads launched in November of 2018.

How do you choose which organizations to work with?

The process of choosing organizations has been mostly organic. In the beginning stages, most of our partnerships were fostered through personal relationships and referrals. It took time to create the criteria for partnering with organizations. Over the course of two years, we learned that there are optimal conditions that can establish the most mutually beneficial partnerships. We typically look for organizations with a proven record of impact in the community, have a strong social media and digital presence, and have a captivating or untold story that we can tell.

What role has mentorship played in your success?

Mentorship has been pivotal to my personal and professional success. Having incredible teachers, coaches, and family members invest time and resources in my early development plays out in my success as an adult. The discipline, critical thinking, and resilience needed to start a business and to keep moving forward, even when I wanted to quit, have been some of the best lessons I learned from my mentors. The privilege of finding a business mentor has been paramount in my growth professionally. There is a seemingly endless stream of knowledge that one must acquire, and keep acquiring, to keep a business going. Having a seasoned mentor who cares about you, personally and as a business owner, has been in many ways the secret to overcoming the difficulties of entrepreneurship.

Where do you hope to see Voyce in 5 years?

In 5 years, we hope to be known for being a company that truly puts the community first. We want to have partnerships in regions all over the United States – with organizations, businesses, and private individuals who have championed and inspired designs for our products. We hope to have a large diversity of product offerings, other than socks, that tell compelling stories and align with our mission to be as sustainable as possible. We hope to have a strong digital presence and a bank of video and written assets that chronicle our journey and impact. Our ultimate goal would be to have our own factory and warehouse space where we can manufacture our products, provide office and creative space, and host events for the community.

Visit to check out all of the cool designs and get your own Big Brothers Big Sisters inspired socks!

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