BBBSAZ Community Resources Guide Links Families to Services

Many of the Littles enrolled in the BBBSAZ program are from families that are dealing with financial and circumstantial challenges that not only impact the Little Brother or Little Sister, but also impact their family, parents/caregivers and siblings. To address this ongoing need, Director of Community Resources Kerri Kaczmarczyk has compiled a comprehensive list of community resources for BBBSAZ families. This list includes a variety of businesses, organizations, clinics, educational program providers, and referral agencies focused on providing free or reduced cost services to help families address needs and maintain a supportive home for all family members.

Often, the Big Brother or Big Sister who alerts the program specialist about the family’s challenges and works with the BBBSAZ team to connect the Little’s parents/caregivers with resources that can provide immediate assistance and long-term guidance to help the family overcome challenges. By having a staff member dedicated to helping the family secure resources and services, the Big will be able to focus on strengthening their one-to-one mentoring relationship with their Little and building a life-long friendship. Supporting the child’s family will not only impact the child in our program, but will have a positive effect on their siblings, family members, schools and community.

Bookmark the “Community Resources” page and check it often to learn more about resources available to help build stronger families.

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