Match Story: Danielle & Rose

They say opposites attract. For Big Sister Danielle and Little Sister Rose, the saying rings true. Danielle has a big bubbly personality. A self-proclaimed “extreme extrovert”. Rose is a bit more of an introvert. But one of Danielle’s favorite memories comes from celebrating this difference.

“Rose invited me to her first underwater robotics competition. Science has always been my least favorite subject, but I praise women in STEM, so I attended her competition. She was in her element, and it made me so proud to see her shine!”

The two have built their relationship on utilizing each other’s strengths and looking forward to the future. Danielle describes Rose as, “wise beyond her years” and knows she can do anything she sets her mind to. As a high school sophomore, Rose is enrolled in both high school and college courses, hoping to graduate with both her high school diploma and her associate’s degree. Even though work made Danielle to move to California, she is committed to being a positive force in Rose’s life. “We’re getting through that program. I don’t care if we have to Skype, Google Doc, email, Morse code-whatever!”

And like most Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Danielle learned a thing or two about herself along the way. “I’ve learned to remain strong. I’ve learned not to overwhelm with my extroverted-ness, I’ve learned patience.”

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