Connecting Public Safety Professionals with Youth through Mentoring

Impact of Bigs in Blue
Expand the role of public safety professionals in a positive direction
Reduce crime & community/youth violence
Enhance the quality of lives for our children
Emphasize the importance of education
Promote careers in public safety

Youth Who Have a Mentor Are
Less likely to use illegal drugs or alcohol
More likely to stay in school
More likely to make positive choices regarding their future
Who are our Littles?
We currently have a waiting list of 300 kids (mostly boys) who will wait up to two years for a mentor from their own community.
Boys & girls ages 6-18
Come from a wide range of backgrounds & interests
Most live below the poverty threshold
Many come from single parent families
All need & deserve a champion to be their hero, mentor & friend
The role of the mentor is not to change the child’s behavior but to provide emotional support, motivate them and improve their self-worth; in short, change the manner in which they think, feel and act and the behavior will follow.
Volunteer Opportunities that Fit Your Schedule

Community-Based Mentoring: Meet up with a child in your own neighborhood at least two times each month to do things you both enjoy on days / times that are convenient for you. Attend a sporting event, go on a hike, have a BBQ or hit the gym – it’s up to you and your Little.
Site-Based: Visit one of our partner elementary schools to meet with a child for just one hour per week (or at least twice a month) during the child’s lunch break. You will meet with the same child each week and can spend time playing games, working on homework, helping with class projects or hanging out on the playground. Sites: Balsz Elementary (Phoenix), Lowell Elementary (Phoenix), Longview Elementary (Phoenix), Heard Elementary (Phoenix), San Marcos Elementary (Chandler), Pueblo Elementary (Scottsdale) & Paiute Community Center (Scottsdale).

Let’s Get Started
1. Complete an online application
2. Attend an online volunteer orientation session
3. Meet with a program specialist so we can learn more about you & your interests
4. Complete background & reference check. Please note: Public safety professionals who volunteer to serve as a Big Brother or Big Sister will be vetted, trained, matched and monitored just as any other mentor in the BBBSAZ program.

Click here to download the Bigs in Blue Information sheet.
National Bigs in Blue Program Builds Bridges Between Youth, Communities and Law Enforcement
Meet Big Brother Ryan and Little Brother Robert
When Big Brother Ryan lost his house, and his dog, to an electrical fire, his Little Brother, Robert, was worried and scared. Matched for nearly two years, Ryan, who works as a detective with the Roanoke Police Department, and Robert, have formed a close bond. When Robert and his family first heard about the fire, they immediately called their BBBS Match Support Specialist. How could they support Ryan? Was he safe? Ryan jumped back into his weekly meetings with his Little Brother and reminded him that they are always brothers and are there to support one another in hard times.

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